Win Over Your Holiday Guests with These Cider & Cheese Pairings

Getting ready to host a holiday party? Everyone knows that wine and cheese make a great pairing, but how about surprising your guests with some fresh, never from concentrate, Jack’s Hard Cider instead? Our ciders are the perfect party accent to your cheese plate—crisp and refreshing, just like biting into a fresh apple straight from our Pennsylvania orchard.

We’ve tapped one of our cidermakers, Brian Bolzan—who also happens to be a chef—and asked him to pair our variety of ciders with cheeses. Get ready to wow your guests with something new, different and unexpected this holiday season.

The Cider: Original

Our Original is dry, crisp and refreshing with 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Pairs well with: hard cheeses like Manchego, Asiago and Pecorino Romano. The salty nuttiness of an aged cheese pairs like a dream with the classic clean finish of our Original blend.

Jacks lineup

The Cider: Helen’s Blend

The beauty of Helen’s Blend is that it’s extremely fruit forward while balancing the natural acids and sugars within the mix to create a smooth, clean finish.

Pairs well with: semi-soft and nutty cheeses like Gouda, Gruyère or Morbier. The tart notes of the cider welcome cheeses within the same tangy family. Even better, the noticeable residual sugar of the cider is sure to leave a sweet impression with these smooth and savory hunks.

The Cider: Dry Hopped

Adding classic American craft brewing hops throughout the fermentation process of this dry cider base lends pleasant citrus and herbal aromas and flavors to our newly released Dry Hopped cider.

Pairs well with: herbed chevre (goat cheese), spicy pepper jack or creamy Cotija cheeses. In keeping with the floral notes of the cider, seek out complementary qualities in your cheese—those that are accented with herbaceous or prominent additives themselves.

jacks dry hopped

The Cider: Pear Cider

This blend of hard cider uses freshly pressed local pears and apples and has an acidic body with a smooth pear-like finish.

Pairs well with: any mild or sharp cheddar cheeses. Consider a mild cheddar if you are scouting out a casual complementary pairing to this cider. Looking for more of a workhorse cheese mate? Snag the sharpest cheddar you spy—the bold finish mellows the cider’s acidity and magically enhances its pear characteristics.

The Cider: Peach Cider

Jack’s Seasonal Peach Cider is light with a fresh peach aroma and invigorating fruit flavors. 

Pairs well with: bold blue and washed rind goat cheeses. Opt for sticking with cheeses that are independently pungent and profound, capable of holding their own against the punches of peach you receive when sipping this harvest delight.

jacks peach

The Cider: Fireside Blend

Our winter seasonal, Fireside, tastes great straight out of the can or warmed like a mulled wine.

Pairs well with: port and Havarti cheeses. Feed off of this spiced cider’s flavor profile with your cheese pick. The more spices, the better!

The Cider: Conewago Orchard Blend

This seasonal blend is made from the finest cider apples we grow at Conewago Orchard. The apples are pressed off the tree, slowly fermented and aged to perfection, resulting in an off-dry hard cider with just a touch of sweetness to complement its natural acidity and spiciness.

Pairs well with: Camembert and triple cream brie cheeses. As our cider that is most comparable to champagne, it’s a natural fit to make Conewago Orchard cozy with any milky delight that is rich. Even better, the prickly carbonation of the cider is capable of cutting through the creaminess of any indulgent cheese.

Learn more about Jack’s Hard Cider and explore our cider lineup here.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Ronna Dewey