Why Your Bar Should Stock Hard Cider

Did you know that the fastest growing alcoholic beverage category in the United States isn’t craft beer? It’s not wine or hard liquor either. That’s right, hard apple cider has taken the country by storm.

Are your customers asking for a locally made cider or for a cider made with less sugar than the ones they’ve tasted before? It’s time to give them what they want: Adams County, Pennsylvania-made Jack’s Hard Cidercreated from the ground up!

How can you cash in on the cider boom and start providing options for an ever-growing cider market? Jack’s is coming to the rescue to answer all your cider-related questions.

Why Cider?

Cider is profitable for your bar or restaurant. Kegs of Jack’s are priced competitively, and if it’s on draft, our convenient half-barrels give a good profit margin. Plus, people love drinking fresh cider out of a pint. We hear often, “This tastes so good on draft!”

Jacks Hard Cider Taps

It’s Growing in Popularity

If your bar has a large lineup of craft beer, consider keeping a line just for cider. As part of the craft beer category in beverages, you should think about taking off a beer and adding in a cider. Sounds crazy, right? It’s not! If you don’t have a cider on tap, you’re missing out on that market, and it’s a pretty big one right now. According to Time, “American hard cider production has more than tripled from 2011 to 2013, from 9.4 million gallons to 32 million gallons.” And it just keeps on growing every year!

It’s Gluten-Free

If you carry gluten-free beer at your bar, but not cider, you should reconsider. Beer isn’t intended to be made without gluten, so gluten-free beers might not be the best-tasting or most authentic. But cider is naturally gluten-free, so the taste is as the beverage should be, not creating a substitute. With so many customers clamoring for gluten-free options, cider should be your go-to beverage of choice.


Best Practices for Cider on Tap

Great! You’ve decided to serve a delicious, Pennsylvania-made, low calorie, natural beverage. So how can you make sure that your customers are getting the cider as it is intended to taste? Have it on tap regularly, but here’s a tip! When rotating craft beers on tap, their flavors lend to each other, so you might not need to clean the lines between each different keg of beer. But beers (specifically the really hoppy ones) don’t swap out lines as easily with cider. Your customers won’t get an accurate or ideal taste in the first few pints if you don’t clean out the line before tapping our cider. When you decide to put cider on draft, please dedicate a line to ensure a clean, crisp taste that is free of impurities.

How to Get Jack’s Hard Apple Cider

With the demand for refreshingly delicious cider on the rise, we imagine that your customers are asking for you to carry it in your bar or restaurant. How can you get Jack’s Hard Cider stocked?

Getting cider stocked at your bar is just as easy as stocking beer. Jack’s currently distributes in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia and Washington, DC, via our wholesale partners. If your distributor doesn’t carry Jack’s and you’d like to serve it, ask them to contact us. We’ll be happy to spread the Jack’s Hard Cider love!

Learn more about Jack’s Hard Cider and explore our cider lineup here.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Ronna Dewey