Why You Should Toast to the New Year with Jack’s Hard Cider

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, many party-goers like to toast to new beginnings with a glass of Champagne. The tradition of corks popping and bubbly flowing originated many generations ago with Champagne representing a celebratory extravagance worthy of kings and queens. But did you know that cider was once the most popular drink of choice in the United States? It’s time you bring your New Year’s Eve festivities back to celebrating with what we think is the finest beverage in history. Toast to a fresh start with Jack’s Hard Cider!

It’s Bubbly

Do you love the bubbles of Champagne and other sparkling wines? Jack’s Hard Cider not only is effervescent, but it also packs great apple flavor into its eco-friendly can. Our seasonal Conewago variety is actually made with Champagne yeast, too! Instead of one person popping the cork off a bottle of Champagne, have the whole crew simultaneously pop the top of a can of Jack’s Hard Cider at the stroke of midnight—that way everyone can join in the fun!

It’s Economical

What does a great bottle of Champagne cost? Way more than a 12-pack of crisp, refreshing Jack’s Hard Cider, that’s for sure. Impress your friends with a great quality drink at your party without breaking the bank.

Dry or Sweet? We’ve Got You Covered!

Do you like your sparkling wine sweet or dry? What’s your friends’ preference for bubbly? It can be difficult to please your whole posse’s palate if some like sweet and some like dry. For your friend who likes a drink that’s a bit sweeter, a can of Helen’s Blend will do the trick. Your hophead friend who likes his drink more dry will fall in love with our new Dry Hopped cider. Fans of fruit will feel fulfilled by our Peach and Pear ciders. You can’t go wrong with a variety of Jack’s Hard Ciders at your celebration. We really do have a cider for everyone!

Stay Safe with Sessionable Ciders

New Year’s Eve is a time to party, but everyone knows the roads can get unsafe after the party is over. Most Champagnes have an alcohol content of 11.5–12.5% per glass, and that can go to your head and significantly impair you. All cans of Jack’s Hard Cider are under 5.5%, so they’re less potent but still pack a punch of flavor. Of course, always have a designated driver or stay the night if you overindulge.

It Pairs Well

Jack’s Hard Cider pairs well with many different kinds of party foods. From elegant sit-down dinners to cocktail and hors d’oeuvres soirees, Jack’s Hard Cider pairs with just about anything to create a winning flavor combination. Check out our handy cheese pairing guide and win over your holiday guests!

Show Us Your Celebration

You’ve made the great decision to ring in the new year with some Jack’s Hard Cider—we thank you! Snap a photo and show us your celebration with Jack’s Hard Cider on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag us and hashtag #CiderIsTheNewChampagne so we can see your toast. We’ll share our favorites with all of our fans on social media. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Learn more about Jack’s Hard Cider and explore our cider lineup here.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Ronna Dewey