Why Session Ciders Should Be on the Top of Your Summertime Drinking List

Move over beer—session ciders are in town and ready to quench your thirst with big flavors and lower alcohol.

Session beers have been on the radar of many craft beer aficionados, especially during the warmer days of summer. But what is a sessionable beer? The established definition is a beer that is low in alcohol and therefore able to be consumed in larger quantities without making someone excessively impaired. In the past, beers with lower alcohol didn’t deliver the same great taste that craft beer lovers had come to enjoy. Enter the session beer movement, complete with brews that don’t skimp on taste.

Session beers may be popular now, but hard ciders have always been sessionable here in Pennsylvania. Due to Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) standards, hard apple ciders must weigh in at under 5.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). If a product contains higher than 5.5%, it is considered an apple wine. At Jack’s Hard Cider, we’ve developed a series of flagship apple ciders that we think captures the true essence of our Adams County apples—all while staying under the established legal ABV mark.

Our Helen’s Blend is fruit forward with a balance of natural acids and sugars that creates a smooth finish. It pairs well with poultry, berries, pork and sauerkraut and cherry pie, making it the perfect partner for your summertime picnic. At an ABV of 4.5%, Helen’s Blend meets the truest definition of session cider. Feel free to consume several over the course of the day and know that you will get that great apple taste without the fear of a hangover the next morning!

As the dog days of summer meld into the brisk days of autumn, give our Original Cider a try. It’s dry, crisp and refreshing, just like biting into the perfect apple. With an alcohol content of just 5.5%, you can bring it along to your football tailgate and know that you will make it way past halftime.

We know there are some beer drinkers who think that hard apple cider can’t meet their discerning craft beer sensibilities. Enter our new Dry Hopped Cider, with two varieties of classic American hops added to our already delicious apple cider throughout the fermentation process. The ABV of this newly released cider is 5.5%, low enough to tip back a few cans over the course of an afternoon or evening.

All of our ciders are clean, crisp and refreshing. They won’t overwhelm you with alcohol (only great apple taste!) and are light enough so you can indulge just a bit. Bonus: All of our hard apple ciders are available in cans—perfect for taking along a full cooler to the beach, a party or sporting event!

We at Jack’s Hard Cider cordially invite you to have a “session” of cider tasting today. Cheers!

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Ronna Dewey

Featured image: Casey Martin Photography; Jack’s Helen’s Blend photo: Anna Miron/Six AM Studio