The Ultimate Cider Party Guide for Any Season

Do you think of a nice, crisp, refreshing Jack’s Hard Cider when the weather is warm? We do, too! It’s a no-brainer for graduations, holidays, wedding and baby showers, and everything summer.

News flash: The bright, fruit flavors in our cans are perfect for year-round holidays, special events and every-day-is-worth-celebrating occasions. Sip on Jack’s by a cozy fall bonfire, alongside savory Thanksgiving dishes, as your New Year’s Eve bubbly, apres ski—the possibilities are endless. And remember, our convenient cans are easy to port along in your backpack, tailgating cooler or picnic basket.

If you’re hosting a shindig, or have been tagged to provide the adult beverages, you’d do well to have a diverse selection of cold ones on hand for guests. But not to worry! Building a party bar doesn’t need to be any more complicated than a cooler full of ice and cans, or for larger crowds, perhaps a keg or two.

To keep everyone’s glasses full, make Jack’s Hard Cider the centerpiece of your gathering; our craft cider, made with Pennsylvania apples, is crisp and dry, perfect for warm, sunny afternoons and mellow evenings. Our balanced, easy-drinking ciders and cider blends please the craft beer drinker, the wine connoisseur, and will absolutely bring a smile to the face of any guest who is gluten-free or gluten-intolerant.

Ready to party? Here are a few more tips to throwing a cider-centric bash, no matter the season:

  • Have enough Jack’s Hard Cider on hand: Depending on the time of day, you’ll want to plan for between two and five beverages per adult. The common guide for wedding planners is two drinks per person per hour, and while guests don’t often hit the bar as hard at other events, it’s not a bad guideline. For daytime parties, expect slightly less imbibing, especially if you live in an area where people must drive, and at least a handful of folks will be designated drivers. For evening occasions or big milestone events (such as a 40th birthday or a bachelorette party), plan for the high end of the estimate. Beefing up your supply of Jack’s is rarely a problem; you can enjoy any “leftovers” at your leisure!
  • For parties with more than 25 guests, consider buying a keg of Jack’s Hard Cider. It is definitely a more economic way to go, and there is something about the presence of a keg on ice that makes the party official!
  • For smaller festivities, cans of our craft cider will do you well. Cans allow you to offer a variety (Dry Hopped and Pear Cider would make nice additions) and they eliminate the need for cups or glasses. Also, any leftovers can be sent home with guests. (Just kidding! We know you’ll keep them for yourself!) Just be sure to chill them in the fridge or an ice-filled cooler two to three hours before guests arrive, so they’re perfectly chilled when you’re ready.
  • Plan a menu of cider-friendly foods: Jack’s Hard Cider plays well with so many kinds of food, you can’t really go wrong. But to truly maximize the beauty of perfect pairings, try these combos out with our flagship ciders and wow your guests:
    • Jack’s Original Hard Cider: Fish tacos, any kind of BBQ, spicy chili
    • Helen’s Blend: Fried chicken, cheese plates, hearty grain salads
    • Dry Hopped Cider: Chips & dip, pizza, ice cream sundaes
    • Peach Cider: Roast pork, macaroni salad or coleslaw, hummus & veggies
    • Pear Cider: Veggie burgers, baked ziti, seven-layer dip
  • Need some inspiration? Try these recipes:
  • Jack’s Original Hard Cider also is divine with pumpkin pie, or with a splash of fresh apple cider and a nip of bourbon for a little autumnal cocktail action.

We know you enjoy four-season fun with Jack’s Hard Cider.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Emily Kovach

Photos: Anna Miron/Six AM Studio