The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Picking Cider

Craft beer drinkers, gather around! One of the reasons beer lovers have enjoyed the craft revolution is the abundance of varieties to sample, with a style of beer for every taste.

We’re here to tell you that the same can be said about ciders. Ciders aren’t what they used to be. The sugary, artificial tasting ciders that you may have tried in the past are the Buds and Millers of beer’s past. It’s time to branch out into a new world of cider. Here’s a guide to make the leap.

Brian Bolzan, one of our cider makers, truly believes that Jack’s Hard Cider has widespread appeal due to the versatile and differing varieties we produce. Our Dry Hopped is an obvious choice for craft beer fans because we use of 1.5 pounds of Cascade and Crystal hops per barrel during the fermentation process. This creates a cider on the drier side with pleasant citrus and herbal aromas and flavors.

But there are many more of our ciders that beer drinkers will enjoy. Read on as Brian shares which of our refreshing apple ciders will please the palate of even the most die-hard craft beer lover.

  • jacks draftIf you like the Bière de Champagne or Bière Brut style, try our seasonal Conewago. It drinks similarly as it is dry and effervescent.
  • Fans of Belgian golden ales and tripels will appreciate the fruity esters that are created by our proprietary yeast strains in our Original Cider.
  • Helen’s Blend will appeal to aficionados of the American Cream Ale, due to the smooth mouthfeel and residual sweetness present in both.
  • The Harvest Blend will work for fans of funky American sour ales due to its natural fermentation character and tartness.
  • Oktoberfest drinkers will enjoy the analogous flavors present in our Ice Cider.
  • Fruit beer drinkers will be floored by the rich, fruit forwardness of our Pear Cider.

Our other cider maker, Joe Cuneo-Tomasi, shares, “The reason why I switched from an everyday beer to Jack’s Original is for the the lighter feeling. There are only three ingredients and it doesn’t get any lighter than 100 calories a can!” He continues, “Our Bourbon Cider has the taste of bourbon, but is easier to drink.” Joe also compares Conewago, a cider that is aged on American Oak staves and is crisp, dry and refreshing, to a Kölsch-style beer.

Beer fans, are you ready to take the leap into exploring cider? A great place to start is at one of our upcoming events at at our cidery located in Biglerville, Pennsylvania. Additionally, we welcome cider and beer fans alike to the PA Cider Festival on June 25 to explore the offerings of Jack’s Hard Cider plus get a taste of other PA-made ciders, too. Cheers!

Learn more about Jack’s Hard Cider and explore our cider lineup here.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Ronna Dewey