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Jack’s Hard Cider Pear Jalapeno Margarita

Try This: Cool Down With Cider-Infused Treats

Summer is here and the heat is on. To combat the rising mercury, nothing cools you down quicker than an icy can of Jack’s Hard Cider. But if you’re looking for more ways to enjoy our crisp, balanced craft cider, or want to impress the heck out of dinner party or cookout guests, here are a […]

New to Our Flagship Lineup: Jack’s Pear Cider

We love our apples at Jack’s Hard Cider! We grow, ferment and press them right here at our home in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, so we can showcase our fruit right at the peak of freshness. Even with all that apple adoration, we still have plenty of room in our hearts for other sweet, delicious fruits. Perhaps you’ve […]