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Jack’s Hopped Bloody Mary

Planning a Sunday Brunch for 1 or 2? May we suggest a Bloody Mary with a twist. Use 1 cup of your own special Bloody Mary mix recipe or order one online (we like the original mix from Toma…just the right amount of kick!) and mix in 1/4 cup of your favorite vodka. Give it […]

Try This: Hopped Cider

Feeling adventurous? There’s a fresh way to try Jack’s Hard Cider! Taking a cue from our friends in the craft beer industry, our Dry Hopped Cider is a compelling twist on our original recipe. To make this popular style of cider, we add a dynamic profile of hops, including Cascade and Crystal American hops, throughout the fermentation […]

Coming to Jack’s Hard Cider Lineup: Dry Hopped & Peach Cider Cans

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we always look for ways to bring our fans new and different products. Our flagship cider lineup is growing. In addition to our Original and Helen’s Blend ciders, we are proud to present two new varieties that are coming to our tasting room and will be nationally distributed to retail locations near you. Our […]