Jack's Hard Cider News

February Fun!

We have released 2 new menus. 🎉 You can order from our Superbowl Takeout Menu now until February 3! No need to go all over town for your football food and drink supplies. Pick up Mela food, Jack’s Hard Cider and Atomic Dog Wine in one stop! We have also released the menu for our […]

Fall Menu at The Mela Kitchen

Our fall food and cocktail menu is available beginning Friday 10/2 at 5pm. Enjoy!

Something Good From a Few Bad Apples: Jack's Collaborations with Mike Sturges

Through our involvement in the craft cider community, we’ve met a lot of really cool people, both from our region (Gettysburg in Adams County) and from the valleys beyond. Certainly one of the most interesting and passionate folks we’ve met is Mike Sturges, a Pittsburgh-based cider fanatic who is part of a community group, A Few […]

Make This: Late Summer Cider Cocktail

The sticky humidity of August can only be combated with air conditioning and a battalion of cold comestibles at the ready. We’re talking popsicles, gazpacho, watermelon and anything else that can be easily grabbed from the fridge or freezer and requires no use of the oven or stove. Of course, a sixer or two of Jack’s Hard […]

Try This: Cider Sangria

File this one under “ultimate summer refreshment”: cold, fruity, infinitely drinkable sangria, made with Jack’s Hard Cider! We love experimenting with our crisp, dry handcrafted ciders behind the bar, and when we hit upon this recipe, we knew we had a winner. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which a pitcher or two of this […]

Summer Fun in Gettysburg

Summer traveling season is upon us—can you hear the call of the open road? If you’re itching to pack up a suitcase and go in search of adventure, consider a road trip to Gettysburg, Pa. Though Jack’s Hard Cider is technically headquartered in Biglerville, Gettysburg is just 12 miles south, and we consider it home. […]

The Wine Drinker’s Guide to Choosing Cider

We know that you love to drink Jack’s Hard Cider, but do you have a friend who is totally into wine and would never consider knocking back a cider? We get it, wine is delicious! In fact, Jack’s Hard Cider actually began at the Hauser Estate Winery and we still make wine today at our Biglerville, Pennsylvania, location. Brian Bolzan, […]

Why You Should Toast to the New Year with Jack’s Hard Cider

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, many party-goers like to toast to new beginnings with a glass of Champagne. The tradition of corks popping and bubbly flowing originated many generations ago with Champagne representing a celebratory extravagance worthy of kings and queens. But did you know that cider was once the most […]

Win Over Your Holiday Guests with These Cider & Cheese Pairings

Getting ready to host a holiday party? Everyone knows that wine and cheese make a great pairing, but how about surprising your guests with some fresh, never from concentrate, Jack’s Hard Cider instead? Our ciders are the perfect party accent to your cheese plate—crisp and refreshing, just like biting into a fresh apple straight from […]