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Apple Dumpling Day

It is National Apple Dumpling Day!  The apple dumpling is so treasured as a traditional American dish, Mark Twain included it as one of the foods he missed while traveling through Europe.  We have the best, and easiest apple dumpling recipe that you can whip up in less than an hour.  It would make Mark […]

Try This: Cider Sangria

File this one under “ultimate summer refreshment”: cold, fruity, infinitely drinkable sangria, made with Jack’s Hard Cider! We love experimenting with our crisp, dry handcrafted ciders behind the bar, and when we hit upon this recipe, we knew we had a winner. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which a pitcher or two of this […]

Cooking with Cider: Ice Cream Float

Hurray for summer! The long, hot, lazy days of the season lend themselves to sipping on refreshing Jack’s Hard Cider. You know what else is great on a hot day? Ice cream! We got to thinking about combining these two summertime favorites together to create a sweet treat that will wow your guests at any summertime […]