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Must Try: Jack's Small-Batch Seasonals

Variety is the spice of life, right? While we’re more than happy to sip Jack’s Hard Cider’s flagship flavors day in and day out, it’s cool to see what’s possible when we get creative with flavors. The humble apple is such a welcoming backdrop for so many fruits, spices and other ingredients. A few times each year, we […]

Sneak Peek: New Cider on the Horizon

If you’ve visited our Tasting Room recently, you may have been one of the lucky few who got a taste of the small-batch releases of our Bourbon and Maple ciders. Our cider makers, Brian Bolzan and Joe Cuneo-Tomasi, have been hard at work crafting more new limited-release ciders that will be debuting soon. The next on the horizon is Jack’s […]