Shop Now: 6 Gift Ideas for Hard Cider Fans

We know it might feel a little funny to already be thinking about holiday shopping while you’re still working your way through your leftover Halloween candy. But let’s face it—the last two months of the year have a habit of sneaking up quickly, and before you know it, you’re scrambling to check off all the names on your gift list.

This year, stay ahead of the curve by starting your shopping early so that when the holidays do arrive, you can enjoy them at home with your friends and family watching movies, sipping cider, warming up by the fireplace and relishing in other cozy winter pastimes.

While we can’t help you strategize for all of your holiday-related errands, there is one person on your list we can definitely help you shop for: your fellow hard cider fan. Here are our top six gift ideas for the cider fanatic in your life:

  1. Jack’s Hard Cider: Sure, this one is obvious. But when you think about it, what could a hard cider fan possibly enjoy more than some delicious cider to drink? A 6- or 12-pack wrapped up in a box is a fun surprise, and a growler full of a small-batch release from our tasting room is even better. Anyone who loves hard cider will appreciate the handcrafted care we put into every batch of our dry, crisp ciders, always made from fresh Pennsylvania apples.                 
  2. Deluxe drinkware: Pint glass technology has progressed way beyond the standard 16-ounce glass. We still love glass pints, but must admit that some of these newfangled ones are pretty awesome. The uPint is made of food-grade stainless steel, with double-wall vacuum insulation for keeping drinks ice cold. It comes in three suave metallic finishes and has a lid for cider drinking in the wild. Does your cider pal prefer cans (hey, we get it!)? The Rambler Colster from Yeti is gonna cost you a lot more than a foam koozie, but it’s virtually indestructible and keeps drinks cold for hours.                                          
  3. Book smarts: There’s a rich and lengthy history behind hard cider, both in the United States and around the world. A copy of Ben Watson’s Cider, Hard and Sweet is a great gift for any of your cider pals who double as history buffs or food nerds.
  4. Lip service: You can’t enjoy hard cider all the time (sadly), but you can keep the deliciousness of apples nearby with cider lip balm! This cruelty-free, non-GMO formulation from Wild Rose Herbs combines sweet organic golden apple extract and spicy cinnamon bark essential oil for a lovely lip treat that would make an excellent stocking stuffer.                                                                    
  5. Better bitters: We are big fans of hard cider cocktails, and like to keep a well-stocked bar so that we’re ready to go when inspiration strikes. Even just a drop or two of bitters can add that special something to a mixed drink—why not help a cider-loving friend with a flair for cocktails expand his or her bitters collection? Citruscloveginger and, of course, apple bitters all make fantastic complements to many hard cider cocktails.
  6. Sock it to ‘em: Cider is all about apples, and what better way to celebrate the best fruit than with cute, comfy socks? These bright and cheery fruit socks from Happy Socks flaunt both apples and pears (pears are cider lovers’ second favorite fruit, right?) and are made from comfy combed cotton, and the navy, red and green motif is perfectly gender neutral.

We hope your holiday shopping isn’t too stressful this year. What are some other great gifts for cider lovers? Let us know in the comments!

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Emily Kovach

Photos, top to bottom: Pexels; Polly Patrono Carlson; uPint; Wild Rose Herbs; Happy Socks