Jack’s Hard Cider Peach is light with fresh peach aromas and refreshing fresh fruit flavors. This blend of freshly pressed Adams County apples and peaches is a fan favorite. Notes of tangerines and apricots.


You like pears and apples? You’ll love this! Try this smooth cider with notes of honey. Drink Jack’s Hard Pear cider semi-sweet with a kiss of subtle honey. Easy to drink, always refreshing. Low acid, gluten free and naturally hard cider.

Sweet Helen’s

Jack’s Hard Cider Sweet Helens is a fruit forward cider with a balance of natural acids and sugars that create a smooth finish. This blend is named after Jack Hauser’s wife, Helen. She loved the orchards and the harvest was her favorite time of the year. It is sweet, light and delicious. With a can… Continue reading Sweet Helen’s


We take a fresh apples and make them even better. Dry, crisp and refreshing; like biting into the perfect apple. You’ll find Jack’s Hard Cider Original crisp with notes of honey vanilla.