Our Cider Makers’ Favorite Ciders

When it comes to cider making, the guys behind our brand know how to make some great thirst-quenching products. Our cider makers, Joe Cuneo-Tomasi and Brian Bolzan, have a keen ability to take the fruit grown right in our own orchards in Biglerville, PA, and turn those apples into something pretty special.

From our flagships like Original and Peach to our seasonals like Ice and Conewago Orchard, Brian and Joe sure know how to tantalize our tastebuds. But what do they drink when they are kicking back and relaxing? Check out some of their favorites below:

What’s your go-to cider?

Brian Bolzan: Lately, my go-to cider has been Conewago Orchard, especially the 2016 blend. My fridge is normally stocked with Conewago because I’m a sour hound. I seek out ciders, beers and wines that are acidic and make you pucker. Conewago, to me, is the perfect harmony of tart Granny Smith apples layered with subtle hints of oak and citrus aroma.

Joe Cuneo-Tomasi: My favorite cider to drink is the Original. It’s the most expressive of our apples and the cornerstone of the foundation that’s built Jack’s.

Why do you enjoy making your favorite cider to drink?

Brian: We enjoyed making the Conewago cider so much as it enabled us to showcase some of our best cider-making apples, age them on oak and employ a unique yeast strand to increase the cider’s complexity.

Joe:  I love making Original! I use it as one of the few spots of established routine in the dynamic and always-changing cellar to draw comfort. I also really enjoyed making the small-batch Breakfast cider. It was fun to make as a one-off cider because it shows the small-batch creativity of our cellar and it was a great collaboration with the Ragged Edge Roasting Company locally in Gettysburg to bring together ideas and artisanal work. It’s also fun drinking coffee out of a beaker at all hours of the day!

What food do you pair your favorite cider with?

Brian: Right now, I’m using Conewago as a marinade and grilling. I drink some when I’m smoking pork shoulders for Cuban sandwiches and carnitas on the grill, too. Recently, I’ve been pairing Conewago with Manchego and Etorki cheeses on homemade rosemary crackers. It’s our spring seasonal, but I will be crushing Conewago throughout the summer—as long as it’s still available!

Joe: Original, because it is a session cider, can be consumed in quantity, crushed and thrown, can after can, or I can put it into a wine glass, treat it as a sparkling wine and pair it with delicate buttered white fish. As a drinker, I find it to be versatile and it has innate complexity—that’s why Original always keeps real estate in my crowded fridge.

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Ronna Dewey