Must Try: Jack's Small-Batch Seasonals

Variety is the spice of life, right? While we’re more than happy to sip Jack’s Hard Cider’s flagship flavors day in and day out, it’s cool to see what’s possible when we get creative with flavors. The humble apple is such a welcoming backdrop for so many fruits, spices and other ingredients.

A few times each year, we release small-batch seasonal ciders, most of which are only available in our tasting room in Adams County, and occasionally in limited quantities for distribution on draft.

There are two small batches on tap at the tasting room this December (until they run out!)

  • Mulberry Black Tea Cider: This is a very limited run of a very special cider that we made in collaboration with A Few Bad Apples, a Pittsburgh-based cider fan group (read all about them here). The combination of the juicy, sweet tartness of mulberries with the tannic nature of black tea makes for a wonderfully balanced and delicious cider with really nice tannins. This will be pouring in our tasting room through the holidays. If you live in Pittsburgh, you may be able to find this around town — we shipped some kegs out there as a nod to the awesome folks from A Few Bad Apples.
  • Blackberry Cyser: Cyser is a blend of honey and apple juice fermented together, like a mashup of mead and cider. Our take, which adds blackberries, is earthy with a touch of sweetness. This is another super-limited batch that we don’t expect to last long.

Coming soon, we’ll bring back a fan favorite, Breakfast Maple Bourbon cider. This will be our fourth batch of this tasty, heady beverage, which combines all of the best things about the most important meal of the day. The cider is infused with coffee from local roasters The Ragged Edge Roasting Co. and Pennsylvania maple syrup, and then aged in new bourbon barrels, sourced from A. Smith Bowman Distillery based in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Though we can’t divulge all the details yet, get excited for two other small-batch ciders coming soon: an Ice Cider and a Rose Cider, made with pinot noir. The crisp, pink deliciousness has us dreaming of summer already!

Have you tried any of Jack’s small-batch seasonal ciders? Which are your favorites? Let us know!

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Emily Kovach

Photos: Jack’s Hard Cider