Mela at Home – Cocktails!

This winter season may be vastly different than years past.  We are staying home, logging into zoom meetings, and maybe having an unapologetic morning cocktail. Here at Mela Kitchen we want to help make your time at home more comfortable (and tastier!) than ever. Not only are we offering our menu for curbside pick-up and delivery, but we are sharing some of our favorite winter warm-ups featuring Jack’s Hard Cider. You can add on your favorite cider or Atomic Dog wine to any curbside or delivery order! (21+ only!)  

We love to support PA distilleries, many of our cocktails feature Hidden Still Spirits and Maggie’s Farm. We encourage you to visit their websites and order directly from them. Feel free, however, to use any of your favorite spirits. 

Get cozy by the fire with some spiked Jack’s Fireside.  We recommend David E Yellow Bourbon from Hidden Still Distillery. The sweet vanilla, roasted hazelnut and honey notes of the bourbon compliment the spiced flavor of Fireside. Try it hot or cold and throw in a few slices of apple to have a boozy treat to finish.  

Hot To Trot, features Jack’s non-alcoholic fresh pressed cider.  You can use any non-alcoholic cider.  Use 1oz of Hidden Still Spiced Rum, ½ oz of Maggie’s Farm Falernum and ½ oz of fresh lemon juice topped with hot cider. For those who do not partake in spirits, try spicing up the fresh pressed with clove, ginger, and cinnamon with a splash of lemon!  

Missing that perfect Cidermosa to accompany your brunch take-out or just a little pick me up? Do you have OJ in your fridge? Add on a 6-pack of Jack’s Original to your curbside or delivery order and voila…Cidermosa.  You can also play with different juices and cider. Mango, anyone? 

Need something with a little more bite? Try making your own Fireside Old Fashioned. Take 2oz of David E Rye from Hidden Still, add a few dashes of Orange Bitters and a half ounce of Fireside Syrup stir over a large cube of ice. We like to garnish ours with a dehydrated cinnamon orange and a bourbon-soaked cherry.  

Fireside Syrup – 1 can of Fireside cider, ½ cup sugar. Pour cider into sauce pot, stir in sugar, let it come to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Let cool and enjoy.  

We hope you enjoy this round of Mela libations at home!

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~Ilsa Chesnick