Meet Jack’s Hard Cider’s Spring Seasonal: Conewago Orchard Blend

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we love to play with the bounty of our apple and other fruit harvests to develop new seasonal and flagship ciders that push the flavor envelope. And sometimes, we embrace our roots and bring a seasonal cider back simply because it is just that good! Yes, it’s time for Conewago Orchard to make a comeback.

Cider maker Brian Bolzan explains, “Conewago Orchard, our spring seasonal, will be out March 1 in all of Jack’s markets. It’s made with our finest cider apples including Granny Smith, Roxbury, Russet and Winesap and weighs in at 5.5% ABV. We age this off-dry cider on oak for the duration of fermentation, which imparts tannin and structure to the cider as well as subtle vanilla notes.”

He continues, “Conewago has the longest tank time out of any of our ciders, which adds an incomparable depth of flavor. This cider has a bit of tartness, citrus and spiciness character contributed by the proprietary wine yeast strain that we use. Conewago handles bold flavors in dishes that feature bacon or foie gras and also goes well with shrimp scampi.”

If you are a cheese fan, Conewago Orchard pairs well with Camembert and triple cream brie cheeses. As our cider that is most comparable to champagne, it’s a natural fit to make Conewago Orchard cozy with any milky delight that is rich. Even better, the prickly carbonation of the cider is capable of cutting through the creaminess of any indulgent cheese.

When asked why he loves Conewago Orchard so much, Brian shares, “We love making and drinking Conewago Orchard because it features our best cider-making apples that we treat very intentionally to make a cider that’s our crème de la crème.”

Ready to get a taste? Conewago Orchard blend will be available in all markets where our flagship ciders are distributed. If you don’t see the bright cans on the shelf of your favorite beer store or on draft at your local watering hole, ask them to contact us to get Conewago Orchard in stock.

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Ronna Dewey