Jack’s Hard Cider — PA Cider from the Ground Up

Here at Jack’s Hard Cider, we are serious about apples. We’ve been growing them for over 50 years in beautiful Biglerville, Pennsylvania, just eight miles west of Historic Gettysburg—one of the most prosperous apple-growing regions in the world. Today, we grow over 20 different varieties of apples in our orchards and use them to make our handcrafted hard apple cider.

What makes our cider so special and taste so refreshing, crisp and natural is that we not only grow our own apples, but we press and ferment them here at our cidery, too. You get to taste the apples right at the height of flavor.

So, how do we make our ciders? After we press a blend of apples on-site, the cider is held in a 5,200-gallon tank to stabilize the juice and allow it to ferment. After two weeks of fermentation, fresh apple juice is added to each batch for flavoring and sweetness, as well as to keep the alcohol percentage at a cool 5.5% ABV (the industry-allowed maximum). Then we package it in our signature cans to protect the cider from air and light—just one more way we ensure you taste our cider in its freshest form. This process allows us to give you what we think is the best handcrafted hard cider on the market.


Jack’s Hard Cider is part of a greater agricultural landscape, and we are fortunate to partner with other local orchards and farmers to create seasonal and speciality ciders, such as our one-off Cherry variety. We used fresh cracked cherries from Boyer Nurseries & Orchards to create a truly unique product. We believe in supporting our local farmers and in using as much local produce as we can. Small-batch ciders are typically only available in our tasting room or on tap at one of the many locations that proudly serve Jack’s Hard Cider.

Learn more about Jack’s Hard Cider and explore our cider lineup here.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Ronna Dewey