Jack’s Cocktails – Rose

Cooped up? Let us help with some yummy cocktails made with Jacks Hard Cider!

Rosé Colored Glasses
We here at Jack’s Hard Cider prefer to see the world through rosé colored glasses, don’t you? And there’s no better way to do that than to grab a can of Jack’s Rosé Hard Cider and mix up an easy, spring martini that will lift your spirits, so to speak, in no time. Just muddle a few berries in a glass, mix with 1 tbsp of simple syrup (feel free to use agavé nectar if you you don’t have the simple syrup), 3 oz of your favorite vodka, shake over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top it off with around 3 oz of Jack’s Rosé Hard Cider and kick back on that porch swing you never sit in anymore. There’s just no better way to enjoy a Jack’s than when you have the time to take it all in, so take advantage of it. Watch the sun set, wave to your neighbors. Let dinner wait. Nobody’s keeping time anyway.
3 oz. Jack’s Hard Cider – Rosé
3 oz. chilled vodka
1 TB simple syrup (or agavé nectar in a pinch)
4 raspberries/strawberries