In the News: Look Who Is Buzzing About Jack’s Cider

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we are incredibly proud of our products, and we’re thankful that people in the community feel as positively as we do about our handcrafted, never-from-concentrate ciders. Jack’s Hard Ciders are produced from fresh Pennsylvania apples grown right here in Adams County in our very own orchards.

We’re pleased that bloggers and the press have taken notice and are spreading the word. Thanks for tasting our ciders and sharing your thoughts with your readers! Take a look at who’s been talking about us:

Serious Eats named us one of “The Best American Ciders in Cans”:

Hey East Coasters, if you’re in search of a canned artisan cider, your best bet is Helen’s Blend from Pennsylvania’s Jack’s Hard Cider. Helen’s is the sweeter offering from this winery whose apple roots go back to their patriarch, John S. Hauser of Musselman’s Apple Sauce. Helen’s Blend is made from 100% fresh pressed apples (a rarer ingredient than you’d think). It has big fruit flavors complemented by an almost caramel-like sweetness. A bit of earthiness in the aroma and hints of apricot in the finish keep things interesting.

The East Coast Wineries blog was equally enthusiastic:

I first came across Jack’s Hard Cider while out in Lancaster, PA, while attending the Eastern Wineries Expo some time back. I have to admit, the packaging caught my eye first. Fantastic package. But the design on the can is so cool, so simple and forthright, it’s amazing. Secondly, the taste is wonderful. Crisp, clean, lean. Lots of bright acidity, none of the mustiness that can sometimes accompany a cider. Nothing but fresh, ripe apples, a great nose of baked bread and fresh apples like a freshly baked pie.

Sara Bozich from Penn Live shared:

While many people tout “handcrafted” and “local,” Hauser has been growing apples in Adams County for more than 50 years. Apples are grown, picked, pressed, fermented, filtered and canned all on-premise in their partially solar-power, fully underground and naturally cool winery and cidery.

The Town Dish went straight to the source and got the scoop from our cidermaker, Jeff Musselman:

“Coming from the beer industry, I’m used to coming up with new products,” said Jeff. “We’re really looking to develop seasonal ciders at Jack’s—the sky’s the limit. Being so close to our winemaking operation and fruit farms, we have access to wine tanks, barrel aging, different apple varieties—there’s lots of room for growth and even special releases.”

Learn more about Jack’s Hard Cider and explore our cider lineup here.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Ronna Dewey