Coming Up: Small-Batch Ciders

Every so often, our cider makers get a particularly strong itch to experiment. We’re proud of Jack’s flagship hard ciders and the range of flavors therein, but the versatility of the apple—it’s like a blank canvas to paint on with other ingredients—gives us an endless amount of inspiration for ways to evolve our ciders. We encourage our cider makers to follow their curiosity and explore inventive ways of brewing, blending or aging in a series of special small-batch ciders, which are released four to six times each year.

As the name implies, these ciders are made in limited quantities and are only available on tap at our tasting room or in very small quantities for distribution on draft. So don’t wait too long to come in to try these intriguing flavors, or you might be too late! And if you find something you love, be sure to snag a growler fill to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Here are the small-batch ciders we’ve got coming up for release in June:

Breakfast Cider

File this one under “more is more”: Jack’s Breakfast Cider is a maple coffee and bourbon aged cider. We’ve made this one before and have had success with it, so this will be our third batch. To achieve a robust, balanced coffee flavor, we use high-quality beans from our friends The Ragged Edge Roasting Co. in Gettysburg. We also use Pennsylvania maple syrup for a delicious, local flavor. This cider is aged to perfection in new bourbon barrels, which we sourced from A. Smith Bowman Distillery, which is based in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Drink with: Brunch, especially pancakes or waffles.

Ice Cider

This is a lovely variation of our hard cider: notes of caramel and sherry, with a pleasant, balanced sweetness that makes it perfect for dessert. To make our Ice Cider, we use a process called cryoconcentration, which is a meticulous cycle of freezing and evaporating our fresh-pressed apple juice to create a bold, round apple flavor. Cryoconcentration is a method that takes an intense amount of precision and skill over several weeks, so we are very excited to try this cider after its fermentation process!

Drink with: A sweet treat after dinner, especially dulce de leche cake or fruit tarts.

Carrot Cake Cider

When experimenting with fun small-batch cider tastes, we never use artificial flavors, extracts or anything else besides whole ingredients. So when we decided to tackle a cider inspired by one of our favorite desserts, we looked to the same ingredients one would use while baking carrot cake. That meant aging our cider with whole raisins and vanilla beans, and experimenting with adding fresh carrot juice. The result is an amazing marriage of our crisp, apple-forward cider and all the flavors of a fresh-baked carrot cake.

Drink with: Vanilla ice cream.

We hope you enjoy our delicious, creative small-batch ciders all summer long!

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Emily Kovach