Coming to Jack’s Hard Cider Lineup: Dry Hopped & Peach Cider Cans

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we always look for ways to bring our fans new and different products. Our flagship cider lineup is growing. In addition to our Original and Helen’s Blend ciders, we are proud to present two new varieties that are coming to our tasting room and will be nationally distributed to retail locations near you.

Our cidermaker, Jeff Musselman, has been hard at work creating new recipes to add to our arsenal of fresh, handcrafted flagship ciders. As always, our ciders are produced from Adams County, Pennsylvania, apples and pressed and packaged on site.

Dry Hopped Cider

fresh hops in handWith a background in brewing beer, Jeff Musselman has an understanding of how hops can add a new depth of flavor to cider. In our new Dry Hopped Cider, we use 1.5 pounds of hops per barrel and 350 pounds per batch. We’ve sourced two classic American hop varieties—Cascade and Crystal—and blended the cider toward the drier side, with just 1.5% residual sweetness. This leaves room for the hops to shine and brings out citrus and herbal flavors and aromas to add to the great apple taste. This unique cider will appeal to beer-lovers, too!

We plan to make this “hopped-up” cider year-round. As long as we can source the highest quality hops, you’ll get to taste Jack’s Dry Hopped Cider.

Peach Cider

peachesJack’s Peach Cider is light with fresh peach aromas and refreshing fruit flavors. We are sure that this blend of freshly pressed Adams County apples and peaches will quickly become a harvest time favorite. When you take a sip of our new Peach Cider, it will have that just-picked punch of fruity flavor that you have come to love in all of Jack’s Hard Ciders.

Stay tuned to our blog for more exciting releases scheduled for fall and winter 2015!

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Ronna Dewey