Christmas Morning Mimosas

Christmas will be here before you can blink.  It is time to start thinking about your Christmas morning mimosas.  Skip the champagne and add a truly American twist, hard cider.  Don’t worry about the perfect measurements.  It is your mimosa.   

For a traditional mimosa: 
*Orange juice and Conewago  

Cranberry Mimosa: 
*Cranberry juice (pick your favorite) and add Helen’s Blend 

Pomegranate Mimosa: 
*Sweetened pomegranate juice and Helen’s Blend, garnish with the seeds 

Apple Cider Mimosa: 
*Combine 2 tbsp. sugar and 1 tbsp. ground cinnamon.  Dip rim of glass in water and then dip in cinnamon sugar 
*Fill glass with apple cider and Conewago

Pear Mimosa: 
*Use pear nectar and Pear cider
*Pear Nectar can be thick, you may need a little more cider

Grapefruit Mimosa: 
*Dip rim of glass in water and then in pink sugar
*Combine grapefruit juice and Original