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Why Your Bar Should Stock Hard Cider

Did you know that the fastest growing alcoholic beverage category in the United States isn’t craft beer? It’s not wine or hard liquor either. That’s right, hard apple cider has taken the country by storm. Are your customers asking for a locally made cider or for a cider made with less sugar than the ones […]

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cider Apples

It’s our favorite time of the year at Jack’s Hard Cider: apple-growing season! We’ve been growing apples for over 50 years in Biglerville, Pennsylvania—one of the most prosperous apple-growing regions in the world. What kinds of apples do we grow, and how do we decide which ones make it into our hand-crafted hard apple cider? Read […]

Winner Revealed for Jack’s Hard Cider Instagram Contest

Jack’s Hard Cider recently made our Instagram debut! In celebration, we asked you to share your favorite photos of our delicious sessionable canned ciders. Thank you to everyone who snapped and shared your love of Jack’s fresh hand-crafted apple cider—produced from the ground up in Biglerville, Pennsylvania. We enjoyed seeing fans sipping on our cider, and it […]

GIVEAWAY: Post Your Jack's Hard Cider Photos on Instagram & Win $100

Have you spied our cans at your local watering hole or a distributor near you? Do you pack Original in your backpack when you go hiking or bring Helen’s Blend to your friend’s house for game day? Maybe you’ve visited our eco-friendly Biglerville, Pennsylvania, Tasting Room and tried one of our special release ciders? No […]

Jack’s Hard Cider: Our History, Our President, Our Cider Maker

We know you love Jack’s Hard Cider—made from the freshest Pennsylvania apples grown right in our own orchards. But, how did the hard cider that you know and love come to fruition? We invite you to get to know Jack’s Hard Cider. The Beginning Our story begins over 50 years ago with our patriarch, John […]

4 Ways That Jack’s Hard Cider Is Eco-Friendly

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we believe in bringing you the freshest, tastiest hand-crafted hard cider around. As an agriculturally based business, we also feel strongly about helping protect the environment through eco-friendly practices. Our orchards in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, have been in the Hauser family for a long time, and we want to continue to create […]

Fresh Off the Press: Jack’s Hard Cider Featured in “Road to Gettysburg” Blog

Destination Gettysburg’s “Road to Gettysburg” blog just featured Jack’s Hard Cider in its Gettysburg Cider Trail feature. Dish LLC author Mary Bigham, who wrote the piece, is not only a native of Gettysburg, Pa., but is also a hard apple cider evangelist. Mary stated, “In addition to being rich in history and abundant with dining options and breathtaking […]

The Scoop on Jack’s Hard Cider’s Original Release

Every story has a beginning, and ours starts with our Original—that green can packed with great local Pennsylvania apple taste. Original is a European-style dry cider filled with fruit that we grow right in the heart of apple country, here in Biglerville, Pennsylvania. In the beginning of 2008, we created the first few batches of […]

Why Session Ciders Should Be on the Top of Your Summertime Drinking List

Move over beer—session ciders are in town and ready to quench your thirst with big flavors and lower alcohol. Session beers have been on the radar of many craft beer aficionados, especially during the warmer days of summer. But what is a sessionable beer? The established definition is a beer that is low in alcohol […]

Coming to Jack’s Hard Cider Lineup: Dry Hopped & Peach Cider Cans

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we always look for ways to bring our fans new and different products. Our flagship cider lineup is growing. In addition to our Original and Helen’s Blend ciders, we are proud to present two new varieties that are coming to our tasting room and will be nationally distributed to retail locations near you. Our […]