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5 Artisanal Cocktails You Need to Create NOW with Jack's Hard Cider

Here at Jack’s, we never grow tired of exploring the limitless possibilities to enjoy our crisp apple cider. We’ve shared recipes that use Jack’s in fondue and hard cider oatmeal cookies with white chocolate, so why not mix it up in a cocktail? Hard cider and cocktails are two uniquely American drinks that have a long history dating […]

Recipe: Jack’s Hard Cider-Infused Fondue

Sure, you love to drink crisp and refreshing Jack’s Hard Cider. But did you know that our ciders work great in recipes, too? Get all of that delicious Jack’s apple taste in a fun fondue that’s perfect for a quiet night with your partner in front of the fire or for entertaining your friends and family. Check out […]

New to Our Flagship Lineup: Jack’s Pear Cider

We love our apples at Jack’s Hard Cider! We grow, ferment and press them right here at our home in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, so we can showcase our fruit right at the peak of freshness. Even with all that apple adoration, we still have plenty of room in our hearts for other sweet, delicious fruits. Perhaps you’ve […]

We've Arrived in Frederick and Washington County, Maryland!

We are thrilled to announce that as of November 2015, Jack’s Hard Cider is now available throughout Frederick and Washington counties in Maryland. Our cidery, located in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, is just 50 miles from these two counties, so we’re delighted to make our ciders readily accessible to our neighbors to the south! Shane Doughty, our director […]

Discover Jack Hard Cider’s New Look

It’s a brand new year, and with the ushering in of 2016 comes some exciting news out of our cidery in Biglerville, Pennsylvania—Jack’s Hard Cider has a fresh new look! Once you get a peek at our new can, 12-pack and case box designs, we think you will feel the excitement, too. When you spot […]

Top Cider Recipes to Splash into the Holidays

Jack’s Hard Cider may be your holiday drink of choice—but it isn’t just for sipping. Expand your craft cider appreciation to the kitchen by splashing it into party-pleasing recipes. From decadent desserts to extraordinary appetizers, we’ve lined up must-try recipe suggestions that’ll enhance with a splash of Jack’s. Start with these and we’re sure you’ll […]

Why You Should Toast to the New Year with Jack’s Hard Cider

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, many party-goers like to toast to new beginnings with a glass of Champagne. The tradition of corks popping and bubbly flowing originated many generations ago with Champagne representing a celebratory extravagance worthy of kings and queens. But did you know that cider was once the most […]

Jack’s Hard Cider—Now Available in 12-Packs

If you live in Pennsylvania, you are probably aware of all the regulations surrounding the sale of liquor, wine, beer and cider within the state. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has many regulations in place, including one that states that hard apple ciders must weigh in at under 5.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). If a product […]

Win Over Your Holiday Guests with These Cider & Cheese Pairings

Getting ready to host a holiday party? Everyone knows that wine and cheese make a great pairing, but how about surprising your guests with some fresh, never from concentrate, Jack’s Hard Cider instead? Our ciders are the perfect party accent to your cheese plate—crisp and refreshing, just like biting into a fresh apple straight from […]

Now on Shelves: Jack’s Hard Cider’s Winter Seasonal—Fireside

We know you love drinking delicious Jack’s Hard Cider in the warmer months because it is so crisp and refreshing—especially on a hot summer day. But cider is the perfect choice for the colder months, too. Meet Fireside, our winter seasonal cider. Fireside is a sessionable cider, with just 5% alcohol by volume, but it packs a […]