An Apple a Day: 4 Benefits of Hard Cider

This may come as a shock to you, but we’re not doctors or health professionals. We’re cider makers and enthusiasts, working day in and day out to transform beautiful, Pennsylvania-grown apples into dry, crisp refreshing craft cider, and then to get it into the hands of the folks who want it.

You maybe be wondering, then, why we’re talking about health today. Well, to start, it’s a topic that seems to be on everyone’s minds. Everywhere we look, from magazine articles to Instagram ads, there is messaging about a new trend or ingredient or exercise that promises a glow of wellness. Also, though there is a lot of noise around the subject, at its root, health is an important and legitimate topic that is relevant to everyone who has a body (last time we checked … that’s all of us).

So here are four health benefits of hard cider. Again, not being doctors or medical professionals, we urge you to take these as opinions versus advice, to do your own research and, of course, to always enjoy Jack’s Hard Cider responsibly.

  1. Hard cider has vitamins: It’s no excuse to skip your daily multi or to stop eating actual fruits and veggies (hard cider quinoa apple salad, anyone?), but because cider is made from real apples, hard cider contains plenty of vitamin C. Many of the vitamins, healthful acids and compounds in apples are stored in their skins, which luckily play a big role in the craft cider-making process.
  2. Hard cider has antioxidants: It’s true! Hard cider made from real apples contains a whopping dose of free-radical fighting antioxidants. According to an article on, a 2008 research study conducted by Brewing Research International found that 8 ounces of hard cider can have as many or more active antioxidant compounds as a serving of red wine, or black or green tea.
  3. Jack’s Hard Cider is gluten-free: We know that the term “gluten-free” isn’t strictly synonymous with “healthful,” but for people who must avoid gluten for health reasons, or simply don’t like the way wheat and some other grains make their bodies feel, it’s an important factor. Shouldn’t your GF friends get to enjoy icy cold adult beverages just like everyone else? Anecdotally, we’ve also heard from many people that a few rounds of hard cider don’t result in the bloated feeling often associated with drinking a couple of beers.
  4. Cider makes you happy: OK, this isn’t the most scientific reason … or is it? There are plenty of studies and evidence out there that lowering stress and finding ways to be happy can lead to a longer life. Here’s a little more info from our good friends (not really) at Harvard Medical School to support our case. If hanging with your buds and sipping a cider lowers your cortisol levels, right on! If a six-pack of Jack’s in the fridge helps you feel a sense of calm, we support that! If one of our lovingly crafted ciders in hand at the end of a long day helps balance the stress and negativity that may come from life, well, cheers to that.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Emily Kovach

Photos, top to bottom: Pexels; Jonah McDevitt