Add an Easter Can Hunt to Your Spring Festivities

The coming of spring means many things: colorful blooms pushing through the thawing ground, gentle breezes clearing out the cobwebs of winter and tender, green veggies at the farmers’ market. Best of all, spring brings plenty of reasons to gather with friends and family outside. One such sunny outdoor festivity is an egg hunt! With Easter right around the corner, perhaps you have an egg hunt planned for your children and their friends. This wonderful tradition is common in many families, as well as religious and community groups, and lets small children explore familiar landscapes in a whole new way, peering under shrubs and behind rocks for candy-filled colorful eggs.

This year, why not add something fun for the adults, too? While the little ones survey the land, eyes peeled for the bright pop of pink or purple plastic nestled among the grass, plant some cans of Jack’s Hard Cider for the adults to discover. Our farm fresh, craft ciders come in a cheery rainbow of colorful cans, from the cerulean blue of our Dry Hopped Cider to the dandelion yellow of our Pear Cider. The vibrant hues of Jack’s Hard Cider cans fit right in with an egg hunt theme, and what fun for adults to come across them while helping children along!

Here are a few tips for successfully adding a cider can hunt to an Easter egg hunt:

  • Plan on between one and three cans of Jack’s Hard Cider per person. Use a variety of our flavors to make sure there’s something for every taste (remember, there’s plenty to love about our craft cider for beer enthusiasts and wine drinkers!).
  • While the hiding spots for the Easter eggs shouldn’t be too tough for the kiddos, make the can-hiding spots actually tricky, so the adults can have a fun challenge. When possible, try to find hiding spots out of the reach of small children, like the low branch of a tree.
  • Keep a written list of where you hid the cans and do a quick survey of the hiding spots after the hunt is over. Don’t let any undiscovered cans of Jack’s Hard Cider get lost “in the field!”
  • Many children’s egg hunts have a “golden egg” with a special prize for the finder. In the same spirit, hide one special can of Jack’s Hard Cider, perhaps our newly released seasonal Conewago Orchard. This springtime cider is made with champagne yeast, which even feels extra special! For the lucky person who discovers the silver can, have a no-brainer prize on hand—the rest of the Conewago Orchard six-pack.
  • Offer to-go bags so the kids and adults can take their hauls home and not risk accidentally leaving anything behind.
  • After the hunt, have a variety of Jack’s Hard Cider on ice in a cooler for the grownups, and juice or milk boxes for the kids. A non-alcoholic cider is a nice touch for any guests who may not be drinking.
  • For lunch, serve a tasty ham glazed with Jack’s Hard Cider, the perfect dish for Easter. We like this one from our friends at The New York Times. You can serve the ham with a simple salad and fresh rolls, or slice it up for sandwiches.

What are your favorite ways to make an Easter egg hunt extra fun for participants of all ages? Let us know in the comments, and enjoy all of your spring festivities with plenty of Jack’s Hard Cider!

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate. 

Emily Kovach