Welcome to the Atomic Dog family, maker of Jack’s Hard Cider.

Built on loyalty and a common love for shared experiences.

In this life, the one common love we share with each other, regardless of our belief systems or geography, is our love for shared experiences with the people we value most.

How we share experiences may vary, but at the core of our gatherings, one thing remains constant: food and drink. At Atomic Dog, we come together over a pint of Jack’s Hard Cider and a common belief in loyalty: A commitment to the ones we love and the people we serve; a commitment to excellence.

Above all, we love to facilitate the gathering of loved ones and to help spark joy in the people who enjoy our products. It’s the joy we get from bringing together family – by blood, through friendship, in professional endeavors, or by random chance – which serves as the passion that inspires our daily work. The Atomic Dog family includes many people, including you. We are grateful for you to be involved in this, and we welcome you to the Atomic Dog family.

Continuing Jack’s Hard Cider

Atomic Dog was founded by Donald Hoffman to ensure the makers of Jack’s Hard Cider, and the thousands of people who enjoy it, that its legacy of excellence will continue for many years.

Named for Jack Hauser, Jack’s Hard Cider has established itself as a cider for the passionate, hard-working, person of taste. Jack Hauser was a great family man, entrepreneur, and employer. He served the needs of his family, his community, and his industry. His grandson, Jonathan Patrono, carried these lessons into the founding of Jack’s Hard Cider. It is a cider loved by experts and novices alike, and always appreciated for its quality and its grassroots culture.

Yes, the first chapter of Jack’s Hard Cider has been written in stone, and now, as part of the Atomic Dog family, a new chapter has begun — the legacy lives on.

Pioneering spirit and continuing passion

Donald Hoffman, Atomic Dog’s owner, now entrusted with carrying forward the great quality of Jack’s Hard Cider, was born into a modest family supported by military service. His father, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, served in three major wars and raised his son to appreciate the merits of hard work and selfless service. Donald himself served nine years in the U.S. Navy during the unpredictable and challenging Cold War, cementing his own legacy as an expert in the U.S. nuclear submarine service. After his time in service to the nation and service to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Donald founded EXCEL Services Corporation, a nuclear engineering services consulting firm. He, like Jack Hauser, is recognized as a pioneer in his industry, and most notably appreciated for his loyalty to his family, his clients, and the hundreds he’s employed.

What’s with the name of our company, Atomic Dog?

You might be wondering about the name of our company, and what it means: “Atomic” represents Donald’s passion for the nuclear energy community and energy writ large; energy that supports modern civilization and compels us to come together in a shared space to enjoy one another’s company over a high-quality beverage like Jack’s Hard Cider. “Dog” represents Donald’s commitment to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, lost, injured, or otherwise maltreated canines. For more than a decade, this has been Donald’s chief philanthropy. He has rescued five pit bulls, including Nicholas, the Atomic Dog. Donald believes in serving where service is most needed and believes in serving where others may be unwilling or unable. Through Atomic Dog, Donald applies the same passion he dedicates to the rescue and care of dogs to providing cider lovers with the best experience possible. This is his commitment.

If you try Jack’s Hard Cider, it will be your cider. And it is now delivered to you by Atomic Dog. Atomic Dog is here to spark your joy. Same great cider, and now with a new level of loyalty, passion, and commitment to excellence. Atomic Dog is here to serve you. We are excited to call you family, and to provide you with the next chapter of Jack’s Hard Cider’s story. Thank you for joining us.


Atomic Dog, maker of Jack’s Hard Cider.
Same Great Cider. Expanded Family.