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Donald Hoffman, the owner of Atomic Dog Cidery’s Jack’s Hard Cider and Atomic Dog LLC, was born into a modest family supported by military service. His father, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, served in three major wars and raised his son to appreciate the merits of hard work and selfless service. Donald himself served nine years in the U.S. Navy, cementing his own legacy as an expert in the U.S. nuclear submarine service. After his service, Donald founded EXCEL Services Corporation, a nuclear engineering services consulting firm. Today, he finds himself dividing his time between EXCEL Services and Atomic Dog LLC.

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Wine and Cidermaker Joseph Cuneo-Tomasi was attracted to the South-Central PA region as the perfect east coast microclimate to grow high quality fruit varieties. Joe started in the wine industry while living in Virginia from 2010-2012. The pursuit and passion for winemaking continued to grow while completing a Winemaking Certificate from UC Davis in 2015 under then Hauser Estate/Jacks Wine and Cidermaker Stephen Rigby. Having worked from the ground up to understand both theoretical and actual winemaking production is where the approach that all products crafted in the Atomic Dog Cellar are rooted. Today Joe’s passion is being enjoyed by all of Jack’s friends and family; each batch as unique as the sum of all the individual apples that go into it. The opportunity to guide nature’s harvest into the world as enjoyment packaged is what gives every step the purpose of making each taste special.



Wine and Cidermaker Jesse Landis is a Pennsylvania native. He began as a home winemaker over 20 years ago. After taking several Penn State enology classes, he started his career working at Adams County Winery. There, he worked as an assistant winemaker, and later took the role of vineyard manager. After 6 years in the industry, he decided to take his skills to Atomic Dog Cidery’s Jack’s Hard Cider. Jesse has been with Jacks for over 8 years. He appreciates having the opportunity to work with many amazing talents in the industry. He applies his love for Pennsylvania, and his belief that amazing fruit makes the best product.



Jonathan Patrono, founded Atomic Dog Cidery’s Jack’s Hard Cider in 2012 with his family and guided it through opening distribution now encompassing over 12 states. Jonathan has an undergraduate degree from Dickinson College and a law degree from University of Dayton, but it was his study abroad in Norwich, England for a year that introduced him to hard cider. His family has been growing apples in Adams County for over 70 years and he spent his summers in high school working on their orchards. It has always been imperative to Jonathan that Jacks buys and presses local apples onsite and never uses apple concentrate in any of their products. The next chapter for Jacks will be to take the product into more markets and states, getting it into as many consumers hands as possible, while also creating a tap room and restaurant that the local community can be proud of and bring family and friends to enjoy a pint and some food. Jonathan spends a lot of time traveling the markets and as such is in and out of the Cider House.



Atomic Dog Cidery’s Jack’s Hard Cider, Mela Kitchen and Atomic Dog Wines are owned by Atomic Dog, LLC. Donald founded Atomic Dog LLC when he bought Atomic Dog Cidery’s Jack’s Hard Cider in 2018. What is an Atomic Dog? Atomic represents Donald’s passion for the nuclear energy community and his lifelong service to science. Dog represents Donald’s commitment to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and mistreated animals. He and his partner, Johanna, have rescued five pit bulls, including Nicholas, the Atomic Dog, who can be seen on the Atomic Dog wine bottle. Their dedication to animal rescue mirrors their dedication to Atomic Dog LLC and its employees and customers.

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