A Hard Cider Holiday

Thanksgiving seems like the forgotten holiday.  The excitement of Halloween leads right into decorating for Christmas and the rush to grab that deal for the perfect holiday gift.  Thanksgiving, however, is the holiday that should be given some time, for it has a great backstory.  Two groups of people spending time together to celebrate a bounty. Sharing, helping, and then enjoying a meal with laughter and understanding. Many historians question this happy version of history but what sticks with us is the fact that there are things that we are thankful for and we should take a day to celebrate and enjoy the company of others. 

While sharing your Thanksgiving Day, we suggest putting some hard cider on your table.

Thanksgiving is the perfect hard cider holiday.  Before wine and beer wiggled their way onto our tables, cider was the choice for many in the new world.  It is the quintessential American beverage. In fact, hard cider was probably the beverage of choice at the first fabled Thanksgiving.  So shouldn’t it be at your dinner?

Hard Cider pairs well with every food on the Thanksgiving table.  From the turkey, to the creamy potatoes, to the sweet desserts, there is a hard cider for everyone and every food.  Hard cider is a food friendly drink.  It usually has higher acidity and a lower alcohol content, which makes it easy to pair with a variety of foods.  Plus, it is light and refreshing, which will help balance the heaviness of the gravy and butter that we all love on Thanksgiving.

Whether you try one cider variety or many, we think you will be thankful that you did.