6 Best Places to Bring Your Jack's Hard Cider This Summer

Summer is winding down, and soon school will be back in session and the crisp, cool air of autumn will be heading our way.

Before you get the kids on the bus, head to the pumpkin patch or pull out a warm sweater, celebrate the end of the summer season with some sessionable and refreshing Jack’s Hard Cider!


When you are going to a professional baseball game, soccer match or concert, put some Jack’s in your cooler, right next to your sandwiches and snacks to enjoy before you head into the venue. Pick up a cheese and charcuterie platter from your favorite market—Jack’s pairs quite nicely. Light bites and sessionable sips will let you keep your eye on the entertainment or the home team all night long.

Backpacking Adventures

Taking it on the road? What’s great about Jack’s is its portability. The cans are light, so you can throw a few in your pack to sip as you take a break and enjoy the scenery. Clean-up is easy, too! Just crush the can, put it back in your pack and recycle it when you get back to civilization.

Campfire Camaraderie

Is the whole gang heading into the woods for some rest and relaxation? Bring along your favorite Jack’s varieties—there is a perfect one for every palate. Cozy up to the fire, roast some marshmallows and crack open a can. Does your crew claim to not like cider? Check out these cool guides for wine and beer drinkers to get onboard the cider craze!

Head to the Beach

Craving the salt air and sounds of crashing waves? Get in one more trip to the beach before the leaves start changing. Spread your blanket on the sand, open up your favorite Jack’s and bury your head in your favorite guilty pleasure book. Ahhhh, rejuvenation at its finest!

By the Pool

You know what pairs great with lounge chairs, comfy rafts and your kids doing cannonballs into the deep end? Cider. Because Jack’s is available in convenient and portable cans, there is no fear of broken glass on the pool deck. We can’t think of a better way to cool off from the warm sun than your favorite Jack’s Hard Cider. Are you an OriginalPear or Dry Hopped fan?

Summertime Staycation

Jacks ice cream float resizedYou’ve already taken your summer vacation or need to stay close to home? No problem. Bring Jack’s right into your own backyard and create summertime memories that will last a lifetime. Invite all your friends over for a BBQ, picnic or party and serve one of our delicious recipes:

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Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate. 

— Ronna Dewey

Ice cream float photo: Alexandra Whitney Photography; remaining photos: Anna Miron/Six AM Studio