4 Ways to Put the Fun in Father’s Day

No matter what kind of guy your dad is—a sports fan, an artist, a Mr. Fix-It, a beach bum, a city slicker, a combo of these or a type all his own—chances are he’s worked super-hard all your life to provide for your family, give you opportunities and help you feel safe and loved. While dads deserve gratitude and lots of hugs all year round, it’s important to take a moment each year and make sure they know how much we appreciate all they do.

This Father’s Day, show Dad you love him (corny jokes and all) by making the day special. Here are four ways to give your old man a fun, easygoing day that’s just for him:

  1. Make him breakfast. We usually think of breakfast in bed as a Mother’s Day tradition, but dads love it, too! Pull out all the stops with a strong cup of coffee, a giant stack of pancakes and eggs scrambled in bacon cider butter. Don’t forget a special drink! Mix up a hard cider bellini so he can start the day with good vibes from the moment he wakes up.
  2. Give him a creative gift. We’ll bet that your dad does not want a new tie or a weed whacker for Father’s Day. This year, think outside the box, and put together a gift that’s meaningful. What are things your pops truly enjoys but rarely splurges on? This could be a hot shave at his favorite barbershop, a wedge of stinky cheese from the local gourmet grocer or the remastered version of a record he already owns. Of course, a six-pack of Jack’s Hard Cider is the perfect gift to add on, or all on its own, to remind Dad that he deserves a moment to relax every day.
  3. You grill and Dad chills. Give Dad a break from standing in front of the hot grill, for once. Recruit a sibling or friend to help you plan and pull off an epic grilled feast for Father’s Day lunch or dinner, and encourage Dad to prop his feet up and crack open a can of Jack’s Dry Hopped cider. For the menu, grill up a bunch of seasonal veggies, and try chicken lacquered with this sweet and tangy cider-spiked BBQ sauce, or smoked pork sausages with hard cider sauce. If Dad’s got a sweet tooth, make him smile with decadent apple blossom bread pudding for dessert.
  4. Spend time together as a family. Give Dad what he really wants: time with you! Clear your calendar for the day, put down the phone and spend quality time together as a family. Go for a hike, run around in the sprinkler, watch a funny movie that the whole fam loves … no matter how you spend the day, spend it together.

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Emily Kovach

Top photo: BigStock; Jack’s photos: Anna Miron/Six AM Studio