4 Ways That Jack’s Hard Cider Is Eco-Friendly

At Jack’s Hard Cider, we believe in bringing you the freshest, tastiest hand-crafted hard cider around. As an agriculturally based business, we also feel strongly about helping protect the environment through eco-friendly practices.

Our orchards in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, have been in the Hauser family for a long time, and we want to continue to create our crisp, refreshing ciders from the ground up.” It isn’t a coincidence that our Original is packaged in a green can. From the beginning of Jack’s Hard Cider, we have strived for our business to employ “green” strategies.

Solar Panels, Jacks Hard Cider

Here are just a few:

  • Solar Panels, Jacks Hard CiderOur cidery was built completely underground, beneath the fertile soils of our Adams County land, with a green rooftop. This helps the cidery’s energy efficiency and keeps it at a naturally cool 55 degrees year-round.
  • We grow, press and ferment our apples on-site. This reduces the number of food miles our hard cider travels.
  • We employ a solar hot water system to clean our tanks and other equipment.
  • Our ciders are packaged in cans, which are “greener” than bottles. Cans are lighter and easier to store and transport. Additionally, cans require much less energy to recycle. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to the environment stems directly from our patriarch, John “Jack” Hauser, and has continued through generations of the Hauser family. We are fortunate to live and work in one of the most prosperous apple-growing regions in the world, and we feel it is our duty to protect it so that we can continue to produce our crisp, refreshing hard apple ciders for many years to come.

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Ronna Dewey