4 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Jack’s on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is nigh! That means it’s a great time to stock up on Jack’s Hard Cider. Across the land, people will be toasting to the red, white and blue, and a crisp, cold can of Jack’s is, without a doubt, what should be in your fridge or cooler for all of your weekend celebrations.

According to our friends at the Pennsylvania Cider Guild (PACG), 1 out of every 10 farms in the mid-Atlantic through New England regions is an orchard cidery, and the average American consumes 35 gallons per year of hard cider. Now those are statistics we can support!

Here are four reasons to drink our handcrafted cider this Fourth of July:

  1. Pay Homage to the Founding Fathers: Hard cider has long, storied roots in American history. In fact, we say it fueled the revolution! Many of the first settlers in this country (yup, the Pilgrims) drank hard cider, along with ale and fruit brandy, to avoid drinking water, which was often contaminated and unsafe. Apples were one of the first crops successfully grown in the colonies. Though we think some of the best apples in the world are now grown in our area (Adams County, PA.), we’ll give props to New England, where some of the first apple crops in the New World were established. In fact, the earliest record of a fully successful orchard in America was in Massachusetts Bay Colony, near modern-day Boston. By the time Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washington were cementing their roles in the history of America’s independence, hard apple cider was commonplace on every family’s table (some even drank a slightly alcoholic beverage made from cider pomace called ciderkin at breakfast!). Cider was so ubiquitous at the time that it’s not a long shot to imaging the founding fathers quaffing a mug (or four) while penning the Constitution.
  2. Jack’s is for Everyone: Gluten-free guests? No problem. Jack’s Hard Cider is a great option for anyone avoiding wheat. And with our dry, refreshing flavor profiles, craft beer enthusiasts dig us (don’t forget to grab some Jack’s Dry Hopped Cider). Plus, the light, fruity nature of cider is a win for wine lovers.
  3. Long Days of Fun Require Sessionable Beverages: The Fourth is a huge picnic and cookout holiday, which means many hours hanging out in the sun. Beers high in alcohol and other boozier beverages not only cause palate fatigue, but can lead to partiers losing their momentum too early. This is especially a bummer when everyone’s trying to make it to the high point of the day: nighttime fireworks! All of our ciders weigh in between 4.5 and 5.5% ABV, making them easy to enjoy (responsibly) throughout the day. Just be sure to have a variety on deck (we’re loving Peach right now), so you and your friends can enjoy the delicious range of our ciders!
  4. Don’t Sweat Food Pairings: Jack’s Hard Cider pairs with any and every kind of food—especially grillables! From burgers to bibimbap, our effervescent, balanced ciders complement savory meats, crisp veggies, cheesy goodness, fiery spice and everything in between. For something extra fun, try cooking with our hard cider! These cider-spiked pickles are a great place to start. Want to fuel your entire feast? Check out these apple-inspired recipescider poached shrimpsmoked pork sausage with hard cider sauce or cider BBQ sauce and raspberry cider ice cream cake.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Jack’s Hard Cider — Produced from Pennsylvania Apples. Pressed On-Site. Never from Concentrate.

Emily Kovach

Photos, top to bottom: BigStock; PACG; last two photos: Anna Miron/Six AM Studio